Cathedrals of Britain

Picture by Wakefield Cathedral 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic we have been forced  to cancel our pilgrimage plans for last year and this coming  year. We have teamed with Cathedrals across Britain to bring together our first ‘virtual pilgrimage’! It is our hope that as a parish we can come together spiritually to deepen our understanding of the kingdom of God.

Abbeys and Cathedrals are ancient footmarks that trace the history of society through our holy places. Most were at one time the focal point of their community and remain so today.

What to expect… 

We will meet with Clergy and stewards from Cathedrals across Britain. They will tell us the history of their Cathedral, Its life of prayer, mission, ministry and their experience of the pandemic. The pilgrimage journey will be accompanied with Prayer services & the Eucharist.

How it will work…

The Pilgrimage will be broadcast via our YouTube Channel.
Simply follow our timetable of services using the Pilgrimage tab at top of our YouTube Channel.

Links to service materials below:

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Eucharist service sheet

Night Prayer

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