A regular pattern of daily prayer – even if the prayers are quite brief – enables us to meet life’s challenges with a stronger faith in God’s loving care.

Our YouTube Channel has range of prayer resources. Experiment to discover what works for you, from the Jesus Prayer, Taize, monastic offices, Lectio Divina (meditative reading of scripture), to the Rosary. Watch previous services, and listen to some wonderful music.

Daily Prayer and Worship this week

Morning Prayer: Monday to Friday at 9.15am on Zoom.
Evening Prayer: Monday to Friday at 5.15pm on Zoom.
Prayer for Healing: Tuesday 4pm-6pm in All Saints.
Weekday Eucharists: Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm and Thursday at 10am in All Saints.

Prayer for Healing: a response to the current health crisis

On Tuesdays from 4-6pm there will be a time of silent prayer in the Lady Chapel, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. All are welcome, but please enter church quietly and keep silence throughout. This time of urgent contemplative intercession will conclude with a Eucharist at 6pm. A Litany for Healing is on the Prayer Resources section of our YouTube channel here.

Private Prayer

All Saints is open for prayer from 2-4pm, Monday-Friday.

Daily Prayer Services

Here are some simple daily prayer services for each day of the week, designed to help develop regular prayer from day to day.








The Sacrament of Healing and Wholeness

On one Sunday a month the Sacrament of Healing and Wholeness
will be available during Holy Communion. More information can be found here.

Further prayer resources

The prayer of Spiritual Communion can be found here. This can be said by those who are watching the Eucharist online.

The Church of England has an excellent Daily Prayer app. It can be downloaded
from the App Store or Google Play.