This week for All Saints families

SmAll Saints
This Friday from 10:30am with Moira and Sally. We continue with the Easter story and the empty tomb. Also crafts, songs and refreshments.

Junior Church
No junior church this week. It will resume after the Easter break on Sunday 21 April.

Fun facts about LEGO
LEGO’s founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, created the name “LEGO” from taking the first two letters of the Danish words LEG GODT, meaning “play well“. The famous LEGO brick that we play with today is more than 50 years old. The bricks made way back in 1958 will still fit perfectly with those you play with today! The moulds used to produce LEGO bricks are accurate to within two-thousandth of a millimetre (0.002 mm!). Because of this high degree of accuracy, there are only around 18 bricks in every million produced that fail to meet the company’s high quality standard. At LEGO attractions, such as LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester, people are hired as “Master Model Builders“. Cool job!  Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would reach more than five times round the world. On average there are 80 LEGO bricks for every person on earth. (

Prayer for School Spring term
Dear Jesus, who promises to be with us always, we pray that you would be with us today as we go to school. Bless all our going and coming. Bless our learning and playing. Please keep us safe. Please bless us and our friends. Give joy to this day and every day. Give thanks for our teachers. And thank you for loving us all from head to toe. In your name. Amen.

For the week

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