This Week – Young People

Big Idea: Waiting for Light

Jesus tells us stories about things being fair or Advent is about waiting but also preparing to welcome Jesus, our light in the darkness. The first Advent candle will be lit at church today, symbolising Hope. Why not light a candle at home too and keep it alight throughout the day to remind you of the hope we have in Jesus?

Bible Story: Mark 13.24-37

Jesus was talking to his disciples. How do you think they felt when they heard Jesus’ warning?
Have you ever had to stay awake when you were really tired? What did you do?

I wonder…?

What do the words ‘keep watching’ and ‘keep awake’ mean for us as Christians here and now?
How can we prepare for welcoming Jesus amongst all the busyness of Christmas preparations?

Creative Activity: Make your own Advent Wreath

Design a sheep mask and think about what might make a person a sheep. You need a paper plate, scissors, glue, cotton wool, pens. Take the plate and cut eye You will need five candles and some greenery from the garden or the park and then whatever else you can find around the house or garden shed. Get creative! You can put the candles in holders on a large plate or tray and decorate with holly and ivy, or maybe use a wire hanger to make a wreath shape, then wrap in greenery and Christmas lights.


Lord of the light, Lord of the darkness,
Lord of the day, Lord of the night,
Call us to you,
Whether we are happy or sad,
Whether we are ready or not,
Call us to you. Amen.

Foodbank Christmas Cracker

Decorate your box this week then fill with Christmas goodies to donate to the Norwood & Brixton Foodbank. If you don’t have a box already they can be collected from church weekdays 2-4pm and Sundays 11.15-12.15.