This Week – Young People

Junior Church Risk Assessment

Big Idea: Weathering the storm

Bible Story: Mark 4.35-41

In the evening, after teaching all day from a boat, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross over to the other side of the lake”. So, leaving the crowds behind them on the shore, they sailed across the water. Some other boats sailed with them. Suddenly a fierce and violent storm began. The wind roared and huge waves crashed into the boat, threatening to sink it. Jesus was fast asleep in the back of the boat, with his head on a cushion, and seemed completely unaware of the danger. But the disciples were terrified! They woke him up saying, “Jesus, wake up! Don’t you care that we are about to drown?!” Jesus got up and rebuked the roaring wind and said to the angry sea, “Peace! Be still!” Immediately the wind dropped and the sea became completely calm. Jesus turned to his disciples and said, “Why are you so frightened? Do you still have no faith?” The men stood in awe and amazement and said to each other, “Who is this man? Even the wind and the waves obey him.”

I wonder….

• Why were the disciples so frightened?
• How do you think they felt when Jesus calmed the storm?
• What ‘stormy times’ have we experienced in our lives?
• How can this story help us to deal with those times?

Musical Activities

Sing Row-row-row your boat with this extra verse:
Row, row, row your boat,
Through the scary storm.
Jesus told the waves “Be still!”
And it was quiet once more.

Listen to some really loud crazy music and bounce around the room. Then find something really quiet and soothing and sit quietly listening to it. You could use Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for this: ‘Summer’ movement 3 (Presto) for the crazy music and ‘Spring’ movement 2 (Largo) for the calm music.

Creative Activity: make prayer boats

• Take an A4 piece of paper and write on it anything you want to tell God about or ask for help with or perhaps someone you want to pray for
• Make a paper boat with it (instructions if needed at
• Find some calm water to float it on and focus on your prayer until the boat sinks….. (or rescue it before it does!


Jesus, we know that after the storm there will be calm.
Bring peace to those who worry, who are fearful and who doubt.

For the week

Take five minutes at the end of every day this week to tell God about your day. Remember he will hear you just as the wind and waves heard Jesus telling them to be still.