This Summer – Families

smAll Saints

Drop in sessions throughout the summer (except 26 August).
If you are able to help with refreshments or an activity, do let the team know.

Junior Church

No Junior church until September.

Junior Choir

Taking a Summer Break. Thank you Ruth and the juniors for their fantastic contributions to our church services.

Things to do in the Summer holidays

Visit London
River tours offering kids free on Sundays, throughout the summer. Info.
Day out with the Kids: see the website for their summer holiday savings
And don’t forget our beautiful open spaces and parks nearby: Brockwell Park, Rosendale Park, Streatham Common, Clapham Common, Dulwich Woods and Sydenham Hill woods to name a few.

Funny Poem by Kenn Nesbitt – My Ice Cream is Melting

My ice cream is melting this hot sunny day. I’m licking it quick but it’s dribbling away. My ice cream is melting. It’s starting to drip all over my fingers, my chin, and my lip. My ice cream is melting. I can’t make it stop. It’s hitting the ground with a splash and a plop. My ice cream has melted and turned into ooze. It was on a cone but it’s now on my shoes.

Prayer for the Summer

We especially pray for those for who the holidays are not a good time and struggle with poverty or loneliness. Gracious Father protect us and keep us safe on our travels through the summer. Guide us to be with you wherever we go. Amen.

For the week

Please don’t forget to look at the resources for families on the website of Southwark diocese here.
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