Life Events

As a parish church, serving our community in West Dulwich and beyond, All Saints is here to journey alongside you as you grow in your story of life and faith. From the joy and celebration of baptism and marriage to the sadness and grief at the end of a life, we are supported by God’s love for each one of us.


Baptism is also known as Christening. Everyone is welcome to have their child baptised in their parish church.

In bringing their child for baptism parents make a decision to start their child on a lifelong journey of faith. Parents and godparents thank God for the gift of new life and promise to help and support the child in their growth in faith. The church also promises to welcome the newly baptised and to pray for them.

We also welcome adults who want to be baptised. All baptisms take place during our 10am Sunday service, usually on the third Sunday of the month. We try to make sure we find a date that suits you and your family.

If you would like to consider baptism, for yourself or for your child, come to one of our services and speak to one of the clergy team. We will then meet with you to help you to prepare for this special celebration.


People choose to get married at All Saints for all kinds of reasons; not only is All Saints a beautiful venue and the vows very meaningful, we will also take time to get to know you and your family and take care to plan the right marriage service for both of you. In addition, we will offer you support and space to prepare for the married life you will share. In all of this we will seek God’s blessing for your life together.

Marriage is open to those who live in the parish or who have a qualifying connection to the church. If you wish to get married at All Saints, come along to one of our Sunday morning services at 10am and speak to a member of the clergy afterwards. With our bishop’s permission we can conduct marriages for those who have been married before and with such second marriages we will offer particular support and care in preparation for the big day. If you have children, we can make sure they feel included and involved.


If someone is nearing the end of their life, the family may wish the Vicar or another member of the clergy to spend some time with the dying person and pray with them. We consider it a privilege to be able to accompany people and their families at this important and difficult time, and seek to offer sensitive pastoral care.

Funerals are always arranged in partnership with a local funeral director and we are happy to put families in touch with a firm who will support them professionally and sensitively. The ministers at All Saints can lead funeral services both in church and at local cemeteries and crematoria. We will always spend time with the family of the deceased to help us to make the funeral as personal as possible and offer ongoing support and care where that is appropriate.