Lent Giving

Date: 08 Apr 2021

During Lent, All Saints held a special campaign of charitable giving, focusing on four charities with which our church has close links. Members of the congregation made personal donations, on which Gift Aid may be reclaimed, and the PCC approved a match-funding contribution of £5,000, which was to be allocated on a pro rata basis if the congregational giving exceeded that sum. Overall, the giving campaign raised £14,444, of which £7,800 is congregational giving, £5,000 is ASWD’s contribution and £1,644 is to be reclaimed as Gift Aid. Excluding Gift Aid, the amounts raised for each charity are as follows: £4,127 for L’Arche (£2,515 from the congregation, £1,612 from ASWD), £4,931 for 4ALL (£3,005 from the congregation, £1,926 from ASWD), £1,978 for the Foodbank (£1,205 from the congregation, £773 from ASWD) and £1,764 for Robes (£1,075 from the congregation, £689 from ASWD). Thanks to all who contributed.